Elegance of Kyoto’s performing art

Elegance of Kyoto’s performing art

This tour introduces you to Kyoto’s performance and entertainment art, a vibrant part of Japanese culture in the past and present. After watching a performance by actors portraying samurai on the film sets of ‘Eiga Mura,’ this tour takes you to the Gion district where geiko girls demonstrate their dance and music, and then on to a theatre to view traditional ‘kyogen’ and ‘joruri’ plays.
Koryuji temple

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Toei Uzumasa eigamura.

Uzumasa is called ‘Hollywood in Japan’ and has produced a number of Japanese action films. Visitors enjoy learning about the history of Japanese film through their displays, observing actors actually acting in films, and getting their pictures taken with a ‘samurai’. There is also a reputably scary haunted house in which real actors play the role of monsters.

Arashiyama Yoshimura

A soba (Japanese buckwheat noodle) restaurant and dessert café with a great view of Arashiyama. Patrons love their natural and flavourful soba, made with home ground soba flour. They also offer various dessert menu items, all made with their homemade soba, including ‘soba dango’ and ‘soba ice cream’.

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