Everyday Life in Kyoto

Everyday life in Kyoto

This tour itinerary introduces you to the daily lives of Kyoto residents. You will visit shops and restaurants that have long been a part of everyday life in Kyoto. The Kamo River and the Imperial Palace are places where locals enjoy walking and relaxing. Visiting some of the traditional ‘shotengai’ (shopping districts) will help your grasp this city’s energetic charm.

Sanju-sangendo temple

Sanjusangen-do’s 120-meter-long main hall houses 1001 statues of Kannon, the Bodhisattva of compassion. Among them is a Kannon statue designated as a national treasure. The view of these thousand statues, each uniquely shaped, is simply astonishing.


The Kiyomizudera Temple stands embraced by the surrounding mountains. The stage of Kiyomizu, which is composed of 139 columns without using a single nail, provides the perfect panorama view of the city. ‘Otowa-no-taki’ (a waterfall) is another attraction in the temple precincts.


A popular soba (Japanese buckwheat noodle) restaurant. They offer noodle items including soba and udon (Japanese wheat flour noodle), as well as ‘donburi’ (a bowl of rice with various toppings) items. Most of their customers ask for their tasty ‘oyakodon’ (a bowl of rice topped with chicken and egg). You will see people lining up for this item on holidays.

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