Explore gardens and traditional architecture

Explore gardens and traditional architecture

This tour will enhance your understanding of Japanese traditional aesthetics as they were developed in the arts of landscaping and architecture. You will visit idyllic places that have inspired artists working in other media such as water colour and ink painting. Traditional gardens and old buildings help you to feel the serenity that is the inner side of Kyoto.

Toji temple

The Toji Temple has the tallest 5 storey pagoda in Japan. It is designated as a national treasure and is one of the beloved symbols of Kyoto. If you happen to be in town on 21st of the month, do not miss the opportunity to visit the temple’s large market, where between 1200-1300 outdoor booths are set up to sell all kind of items, including antiques, kimono fabrics, and more.

Myoshinji temple.

The Myoshinji Temple has 47 sub-temples in its precincts. Surrounded by a mud wall, this temple will strike you with its solemn atmosphere. One of its highlights is the painting on the main building’s ceiling, which depicts a dragon. This dragon seems to stare right at you from whatever angle you assume to look at the painting. Although most of the sub-temples are not open to the public, some of them are always open, and all of them have beautifully designed gardens.

Okara house

Their name ‘okara’ (bean curd lees, a byproduct of tofu production) signifies their concern for healthy food. Their dishes are made with non-GM, organic grains and vegetables, and are much appreciated by health conscious locals. Their great food leaves you feeling energized and purified on leaving their restaurant.

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