Gastronomic Kyoto

Gastronomic Kyoto
Kyoto offers the finest of the finest in Japanese restaurants, in terms of the quality of food, location and impeccable service. Why don’t you start your day with a luxurious breakfast provided by a prestigious Kyoto restaurant and set out for a tour. After visiting gardens and temples, your day will end with splendid food at one of the oldest restaurants in the city.

Rightly famed and exclusive kaiseki (Japanese full-course) dining situated in an historic location near Murin-an in the east of the city. Reservations are absolutely essential. Established in the late nineteenth century Hyotei serves exquisite multi-course feasts, which are a treat for both the eye and the palate. Each course comes beautifully presented on fine tableware and is served in the guest’s private teahouse set in a stunning garden.

This is the former villa of a politician in the Meiji period. Its garden, which includes a pond, is well known for its sophisticated design. Have a relaxing time with a cup of macha (powdered green tea) while enjoying the view.
Nanzenji temple

The garden of the Nanzenji Temple depicts a scene of mother and son tigers crossing a river. Visitors can find themselves connecting to this ‘karesansui’ (a garden composed of rocks and sand, without using water) garden in a deep sense. There is also tastefully designed brick architecture in the precincts, and this modern design adds a nice complement to the view of this traditional temple.

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