Gion–elegance in past and present

Gion–elegance in past and present

The Gion district is deservedly the most popular spot in Kyoto for tourists. With the narrow streets, maiko girls in colourful kimonos and wooden sandals, temples and traditional buildings, you will feel as though you are being drawn into the past. The evening in Gion gives you a sense of old time nightlife.

The air in the Kodaiji Temple feels lighter, and you will find your shoulders relaxing and your back lengthening naturally. Its garden has 2 ponds, and is composed in a way to balance these ponds. Each season gives this garden a special effect, and you will appreciate the excellent view offered by special illuminations in during evenings in the spring and autumn. This fantastic view will stay your memory.

Thion-in temple

The Chion-in Temple will impress you with its main gate, the largest such gate in Japan. Chion-in is also said to possess seven wonders. The story of one such wonder concerns a sparrow that is said to have flown away from the sliding screen it was painted on; another more accessible wonder is a painted cat that stares at you wherever you go. Take some time to enjoy the wonders of Chion-In.


This restaurant is popular among locals. Their lunch dish ‘anago don’ (a bowl of rice topped with a grilled conger), comes in a large portion and is the most popular item. The crispy grilled conger covered with their special homemade sauce is a fine match with a bowl of rice. There are only counter seats in this restaurant, because the owner believes it is important to serve the tempura dishes right after they are deep-fried.

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