Hidden Kyoto

Hidden Kyoto

Kyoto’s charm is endless. There are many fantastic sights which even locals do not know, or have heard of but not visited. If you have completed the standard tourist itinerary and are looking for something more, this tour will help you find Kyoto’s hidden treasures.

The Nijo Castle was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu in the Edo period. As a defensive measure, he had its wooden floorboards designed to squeak under the lightest footfall, to ensure that no ‘ninja’ (hired assassins) would be able to escape detection. These singing floorboards are called ‘uguisu bari’ (nightingale floors). The architectural sophistication of the rest of the castle is also remarkable.


The Nijo-jinya was used as a large encampment house for barons who did not have a house in Kyoto. The building is a seemingly typical example of a Kyoto traditional inn, but in order to prevent assassination of any of the guests, there are many hidden features in the house, including a secret staircase and secret rooms. A tour of the house will amaze you.


This Kyoto cuisine restaurant specializes in ‘yuba’ cuisine. Yuba is a film that appears on the surface of soymilk when it is heated, and it is a popular Kyoto delicacy. This restaurant offers dishes prepared by skillful chefs, using ‘yuba’ in traditional and creative ways.

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