Kyoto Overview

Kyoto Overview

This introductory tour explores the city’s various charms. Visit traditional Japanese gardens, temples perched on a mountainside, wooden bridges over forested valleys and the Gion district where the old culture is still vividly alive-this tour will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the city.
Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower is one of the symbols of Kyoto. Although it looks like a candle, it was designed based on the image of a lighthouse, a beacon from Kyoto. When you are 100 floors up at the observatory, you can see a perfect panoramic view of the city, and notice that the downtown is designed like a chess board with many straight streets.


This garden, which belongs to the Higashi Honganji Temple, shows us beautiful seasonal views throughout the year. Locals enjoy strolling in this garden, while adoring the pond, and some architectural treasures in this tranquil setting. Free admission.

Tofukuji temple

The Tofukuji Temple has many highlights in its precincts. Among them is their ‘Tsuten’ Bridge, from where visitors can enjoy a beautifully designed garden which highlights different aspects of seasonal change, and the uniquely designed ‘hojo’ garden. The refined composition of colour and design, and the harmony with nature, is quite astonishing.

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