Philosopher’s walk-contemplating in tranquility

Philosopher’s walk-contemplating in tranquility

Some of the Kyoto’s finest temples are embraced by the beautiful fringe of the Higashiyama Mountains. Take a stroll on the tranquil path that connects these temples, and enjoy the seasonal views of this area. You will also enjoy finding nice cafes and restaurants after your long walk.
Nanzenji temple

The garden of the Nanzenji Temple depicts a scene of mother and son tigers crossing a river. Visitors can find themselves connecting to this ‘karesansui’ (a garden composed of rocks and sand, without using water) garden in a deep sense. There is also tastefully designed brick architecture in the precincts, and this modern design adds a nice complement to the view of this traditional temple.

Eikando temple.

As if embraced by the Higashiyama Mountains, the Eikando Temple stands in the midst of nature. In the main hall, there is a famous statue of ‘mikaeri amida’ (Amida Buddha turning backwards). There are other excellent pieces of art, including paintings on a folding screen and on a sliding door. Autumn is the best time to visit this temple when the surrounding maple leaves change their colours. This exquisite scenery has been the inspiration for countless works of art in Japan.


The Philosopher’s Walk is a 2 km path located at foot of the Higashiyama Mountains. The name comes from Nishida Kitaro, a philosopher in the early Showa period, who used to walk this path while contemplating. The surrounding environment of small fishes in the stream beside the path, and leaves rustling in the breeze, gives you a sense of beauty and tranquility in nature. Some cafés and restaurants are situated alongside the path.

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