Sake Brewery tour

Sake Brewery tour

One of the best-known sake producing regions in Japan, Fushimi in southern Kyoto can offer an enjoyable day spent learning about sake and its production. Explore streets lined with sake cellars and visit the information centres and shops. You will emerge with a deeper appreciation for sake.
Fushimi inaritaisha shrine

The Fushimi Inari Shrine is known for the more than 1000 torii gates on the path leading to the main shrine on top of the mountain. The torii gates mark the border between the spiritual realm and our day-to-day world. So walking through many torii makes you feel as if you are crossing a threshold into a mysterious place. It is said that paying a visit to this shrine brings benefit to your business.


It is said that this Kyoto cuisine restaurant was named by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and is now known for its barbecued sparrows. Despite the shape (one whole sparrow), this dish is uniquely tasty with their special sauce. ‘Unagi don’, a bowl of rice topped with grilled eel, is also a popular item for a meal.

Gokonomiyajinja shrine

A folklore tale tells the story of how the Gokonomiya Shrine (the shrine of aromatic water) got its name. About 1100 years ago, a spring of aromatic water started to flow from the ground of this shrine, and people who drank the water were healed of ailments. This same quality of water runs in Fushimi and has supported its acclaimed sake production. This shrine has therefore taken on a significant meaning for this area.

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