When in Kyoto…

When in Kyoto…

Experience life in Kyoto as locals do. You will start your day by taking deep breaths of mountain air near an old shrine, and learn how to enjoy ‘ko do’ (the art of incense burning). Or you may want to walk on the street wearing traditional maiko clothing. You will fit right in with the lives of local people who uphold the old ways.
Fushimi inaritaisha shrine

The Fushimi Inari Shrine is known for the more than 1000 torii gates on the path leading to the main shrine on top of the mountain. The torii gates mark the border between the spiritual realm and our day-to-day world. So walking through many torii makes you feel as if you are crossing a threshold into a mysterious place. It is said that paying a visit to this shrine brings benefit to your business.


This incense shop with a 400-year history offers a rare experience of ‘kodo’ (the art of incense-burning, which is regarded as one of the 3 most refined arts in Japan, the others being tea ceremony and flower arrangement). This practice, identifying the incense by its fragrance, was enjoyed among aristocrats in the Heian period, and it helps you feel the elegance of their lives.

Kyo-obanzai Mukadeya

To satisfy the fabric merchants in this area who had gourmet tastes, a special cuisine developed in Nishijin. This restaurant reproduces these dishes and offers them in a tasteful building renovated from a kimono fabric shop. Renovated rooms for meals are also available in a former storehouse.

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