When in Kyoto…Pensyonhigashiyama

When in Kyoto…

This inn offers a service which will transform you into a maiko girl, a symbol of Kyoto. A colourful kimono, wooden sandals, and special make-up makes you look like a real maiko girl. Later, many go to the Shirakawa River to be photographed. Reasonable prices.


Shinkyogoku and Teramachi Streets together form the best and the most convenient area to look for things Japanese. Lined with many small shops selling almost anything from groceries to traditional Japanese stationary, these two streets run parallel from Sanjo Street to Shijo Street. If you are looking for something modern, go for Shinkyogoku Street. Teramachi Street has more traditional shops.

Inoda Coffee Honten

A café beloved by locals. Many patrons claim that they can hardly start their day without a cup of coffee from this cafe. In a salon-like atmosphere, they serve excellent coffee that they roast and brew in the shop. With their service and the setting, many locals agree that this café is a distinctive part of their city.

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